“Muse” presents their annual Open Mic Night

Melanie Litwin

The school’s annual Open Mic Night was held last Friday, November 3. Amazing singers and comedy stand-up acts all performed in front of their fellow students in the cafeteria, sharing their talent in an easy-going and positive environment.
Every year, Open Mic Night is run by the SPFHS literary magazine, Muse, to raise money for their publication, as well as allowing students to showcase their talent.
This year, as always, the night included a great lineup of talented performers. Some highlights included outstanding musical acts from many different students singing various songs and being accompanied on different instruments.
Another favorite was a stand-up comedy act, as well as amusing jokes throughout the night by the performers, resulting in lots of smiles and laughs.
“I enjoy going to Open Mic Night because it’s an opportunity to showcase pretty much anything you may want,” junior Peter Canavari, beginner stand-up comedian, said. “It’s a very friendly and low-key event where you can just chill with friends and have a good time.”
The Muse officers set up speakers and an open mic in the cafeteria so students could exhibit their talent in front of their peers. The tables were also covered in white paper, with crayons provided, to allow audience members to draw and be creative, an activity the Muse officers have found students really enjoy.
Overall, the officers were very satisfied with the event’s outcome.
“All the performances were great and it was a really fun fundraiser for the club!” junior Alex Fischmann, co-editor in chief, said.
They successfully raised funds to go directly to the publication of their literary magazine, filled with poems, short stories, and other forms of creative writing, as well as student artwork.
All SPFHS students are encouraged to submit their original writing or artwork to the magazine and should be on the lookout for Muse’s publication at the end of the school year.
“I’m so happy about this year’s first open mic night!” junior Molly Ryan, the other Muse co-editor in chief, said. “I can’t wait until the next one. Everyone who performed was so talented.”
Muse plans to host several more Open Mic Nights throughout the year, giving students plenty of chances to participate as either audience members or performers. They suggest that any students interested should attend the next event for a very enjoyable night!