Blink-182’s “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” Still Resonates with Audiences Today


Sophia Lottmann, Staff Writer

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is Pop-Punk legends Blink-182’s fourth album, and as a whole this 22-year-old album is my personal favorite Blink-182 album to date. 


The album has their signature pop-punk sound but with some heavier punk rock sounds too. The album lyrics talk about subjects that people in general go through in life like going against different authorities, first dates, breakups, divorce, etc while also throwing some hilarious jokes. According to Billboard, this album was the first punk rock/pop-punk album to debut at number one on the US Billboard 200 and it sold over 14 million copies around the world and went double platinum. 


The three biggest songs from the album are “First Date” “The Rock Show” and “Stay together for the Kids” which were all top-10 hits on different charts. 


In 2013 different companies started to release a different edition of the album. In the first week the album sold 350,000 copies. 


Now, on to my personal review of the tracks.


Anthem Part Two-This is the second part to the first Anthem on the previous album. It does have a long intro compared to their other songs. The song talks about life in general and how the world is really messed up. As for the instruments as soon as this song starts Travis Barker who is the drummer kicks in with the drums. After that you can hear the classic Tom voice. Overall I would rate this song a 9/10.


Online Songs-This song is about a girl who breaks up with her boyfriend and he hates the fact that she moved on. All he reads about and sees is reminders that they aren’t together. As soon as this song begins Mark’s voice begins. Overall I would rate this song a 6/10.


First Date- This song is about what it’s like to go on a first date and how it feels. This song talks about how nervous somebody could feel on a first date and how nerve-racking it is also how scared that person could feel and worry if the person doesn’t wind up like them or how happy they feel to be going on a date with the person. The song kicks off with Travis pounding away at the drums. Overall I would rate this song a 8/10.


Happy Holidays-This song is your classic type of blink-182 joke song. Overall I would rate this song a 5/10.


Story of a Lonely Guy-This song is about a guy wanting to ask a girl out but he is afraid of rejection so instead he stays lonely. Both Mark and Tom are co-singers on this track. Overall I would rate this song a 6/10.


The Rock Show-this song talks about a guy who hangs out with his friends on the weekend and is having a ton of fun in life. He went to Warped tour and he met a girl there. He thinks that she’s the one for him and they fell in love. Her friends wound up hating him. They had all sorts of dreams and plans but it didn’t work out in the end. Both, Mark and Tom are co-singers on this song. Overall I would rate this song a 10/10.


Stay Together for the Kids-This song is filled with deep emotion and heartbreak due to parents getting divorced. It expresses sadness, hurt and not understanding how after so many years together how these things can happen to a family. While this song expresses deep sadness and emotion it is a powerful song with a deep meaning behind it. Mark and Tom are co-singers on this track.Overall I would rate this song a 10/10.


Give Me One Good Reason-This is my personal favorite song on the album. This song has a very strong meaning of what a typical life is for a high schooler. It gives all examples of the stereotypical groups throughout a high school. This song also speaks about just because you like one certain type of thing whether it be music, clothing or a sport doesn’t necessarily mean that someone should stereotype you for what you like. Overall I would rate this song a 10/10.


What Went Wrong-This song is about a break up which he doesn’t understand why they broke up because she always said that everything was right and nothing was wrong. Listening to certain music and watching their favorite movie reminds the guy of when they were together. It’s hard for him to understand. Overall I would rate this song a 7/10.


There are more songs on this album, but you’ll have to discover them for yourself.  I recommend this album whether you are a fan of Blink-182, a fan of Pop-Punk, Punk-Rock, Punk or just a fan of music in general. This album has something for everyone. Go check it out now!


If you want to learn more about this incredible band then click this link here!