Scotch Plains-Fanwood Music Department Holds “District Choral Night”


Connor Matulonis, Staff Writer

On Mar. 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School auditorium, choir students from Coles Elementary School, McGinn Elementary School, Nettingham Middle School, Terrill Middle School and SPFHS showcased their singing talents. From a variety of songs, students from all ages performed several musical numbers, finishing the night with one conjoined song being “Sisi Ni Moja,” conducted by Ms. Caitlin Reiser. 


During the school day during periods 1B and 2B, students attending later that night got together to rehearse their songs and prepare for the night ahead. From SPFHS the choir groups that performed included Select Choir, Mens Choir, Las Cantadoras and Sensations. 


“The main purpose for the night is for the younger students in our vocal music program to see and be inspired by what’s going on and to want to pursue music at the high school level,” SPFHS Choir Teacher Jan Allen said. 


The concert was available for any parents and family members looking to attend. This is the first year of District Choral Night since the pandemic, as it previously was an annual tradition for the music department. 


“I absolutely love the nostalgia that I and most other high schoolers get when the younger kids sing, reminding me of when I was their age. It also makes me feel like I, as being a part of the oldest group, can inspire these younger children to pursue what they love by showing how fun this department can be,” sophomore choir member Bella Rocha said.