SCN’s 18th annual Project Angel Tree


Alicia Goff

In the last days of November, the Students Concerned for the Needy committee announced their 18th annual Project Angel Tree.
Project Angel Tree is an event in which students or a class can claim a child; from the ages of three months to 18 years, who won’t be getting many presents due to their parents not being able to afford them. After claiming a child, students would purchase the requested presents, wrap them if requested and then the presents would be shipped off to the children.
Considering the cold winter weather, the group suggests that things such as winter hats, gloves, coats, athletic socks, blankets, and hygiene items be added to the gifts. They also included on the list of requirements that at least one article of clothing is included in the bag of presents.
This year the project began with 98 children and within just a few weeks, the number was down to zero. They even had to add more kids to the list to allow everyone who wished to participate to have a chance in helping out.
The deadline for Project Angel Tree Dec. 13, 2019, and SCN hopes that everyone goes through with their promise to the project and when the time comes every child who was chosen will have a present waiting for them. As the project slogan goes “No one can do everything, but EVERYONE should do Something! Get involved. Help others, Make a difference. Be someone’s hero.”