Students make a difference at the blood drive


Sabrina Ngu

On Thursday, Nov. 29th, 2018, the Student Government Association hosted their first blood drive of the school year. Teaming up with the New Jersey Blood Services, students helped make a difference by donating their blood to patients in need of a blood transfusion.
For those who wanted to donate their blood, there’s a process. After signing up to participate, they had to complete a series of questions. These questions include medicines taken or places traveled. Depending on the responses, the participant either passed or was disqualified and could not donate.
After passing, participants went to the nurse’s office to get their blood pressure taken to make sure it’s good. When all clear, they waited their turn and nurses from the New Jersey Blood Services came in and took their blood, where it will be donated to other patients in need of blood.
As a goal, Elyse Freudenfels, advisor of SGA, hoped to get at least 100 people to partake in this event. Whether participants were successful in the donation or not, she loved to see people who were trying to lend a helping hand.  
“Many high schoolers think they can’t do anything, they can’t make a difference,” Freudenfels said. “This is something they can do and truly make a difference in someone’s life.”
The blood drive was a great chance for students to give back by donating blood. By participating, they were not only supporting those in need, but also saving lives. It is thanks to students who are willing to give back that others are able to continue their lives.
“We have to help people in need,” Nicole DeFrancesco said, one of the two junior representatives of SGA.  
A second blood drive will take place later in the school year. While there hasn’t been a confirmed date, it does affirm that students have been given more opportunities to change someone’s life.