Calling All Sugarholics—Crumbl Cookies is Now Near You


Caitlin Maughan, Opinion Editor

On March 10, 2022, Crumbl Cookies celebrated its grand opening in Clark, NJ. 


With tons of pink balloons and a line out the door, the small bakery was hard to miss. Anticipating the flock of high school students hankering for some freshly-baked cookies, Crumbl Cookies was loaded with employees. The line may have been long, but it moved fast.   


The customer service was also notable; the workers were helpful and friendly. They even passed out free samples to the patrons waiting outside in the cold.   


Crumbl Cookies is unique because its menu changes every week; it never gets old because there is always something new to try. This week, the bakery partnered with various cereal companies. The menu included a Cereal Milk ft. Fruity PEBBLES™ cookie and a Chocolate ft. REESE’S PUFFS cookie. 


When I finally got my hands on the elaborate confections, they were still warm. The cookies were undeniably delicious but slightly too sweet for my taste.  


“I think the cookies are really good,” Nate Calefati said. “I like how they are soft and warm. I love how the flavor just melts in your mouth.” 


Overall, I would give Crumbl Cookies 4 stars. One thing that would definitely improve the store is tables and chairs. If there were seating, it would be a perfect place to hang out with friends. So, if you have a sweet tooth and you are tired of the same old baked goods, I would definitely recommend Crumbl Cookies.