Students cook up some masterpieces in quarantine

Students cook up some masterpieces in quarantine

Charlotte Pollack

Being away from school has given students a lot of extra time. Being stuck in the house with nothing to do inspires students to pursue new things. One popular hobby that many students have been picking up is cooking and baking! Creating delicious meals and treats can be so fun and rewarding (especially when you get to eat it after!).
One sophomore, Rica Lopez, has increased her time spent cooking. She has been making everything from baked goods such as muffins and brownies to savory dishes such as fish and potatoes. Before being away from school, she had never really had time to experiment with food. 

“I do it so I can bond with my sisters,” Lopez said. “We all have pretty big age gaps, so just cooking and helping in the kitchen is something we can all do.”

Cooking and baking can help students get their minds off of any stress they may be feeling during this difficult time. Others use it as a way to spend time with their families, or even just to eat their favorite foods or to try something new!

“I really enjoy cooking meals that can be eaten as a lunch or a dinner,” sophomore Ameilia Collins said. “My favorite thing I’ve cooked so far has been barley bowl with avocados and a lemon yogurt sauce.”

Many students have found themselves to be in the kitchen a lot more since quarantine has begun. 

“What I like most about cooking is that it relieves stress for me,” Collins said. “It’s also fun to edit recipes and improve them.”

If you are looking for some inspiration on what to create while stuck indoors try asking a few of your friends, looking on social media, trying out your favorite foods, or googling some recipes. 
Students who are looking for a new hobby should definitely try cooking and baking as a new creative outlet that has some pretty delicious outcomes.
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