SPF Summer, here we come


Charlotte Pollack

Many students at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School have big plans as to how to maximize their time on their annual summer vacations. After being stuck inside for months, isolated from their friends, students will hopefully be able to carry out their summer plans. Whether it is going to a fun foreign destination, hanging out with friends and family, or experiencing something new, these students have a lot lined up for this year’s three-month break from school! 
Hanniyah Khurrum: 
Sophomore Hanniyah Khurrum is looking forward to an exciting summer, hopefully. Khurrum has plans to travel internationally to either England or Australia. Her family’s main reason for choosing these exciting and foreign locations is family, as she has family in both England and Australia.   
“I plan on mainly just exploring, relaxing, and hanging out with my cousins and family,” Khurrum said. “Both [England and Australia] are absolutely stunning and have so much to offer, plus the cultures of both places are so amazing and different. I have been to England before but never to Australia.”
Khurrum is also participating in an exciting summer program at Harvard University with her cousin. She is excited to experience college life and learn about medicine. 
“Basically, my cousin and I are supposed to go to Harvard for about three weeks for a summer school program and what it is, basically, you take a specific course, whatever interests you,” Khurrum said. “I’m doing pre-med courses and my cousin is taking pre-law courses. We are going to be living like college students and going to lectures.” Khurrum said.    
Ciara Worthey:
This summer, junior Ciara Worthey has big plans that will benefit her future and give her very useful learning and life experiences. 
While many students will be using their summer break to be going on vacations, this student will be attending valuable classes! This summer, Worthey will be taking classes to become an EMT (emergency medical technician). 
This is important to me because I have always been interested in the medical field and becoming an EMT would help me to learn more about the field and narrow down what I would specifically like to do in the field,” Worthey said. 
Classes to become an EMT are offered for high school students and require many hours of training. 
Becoming an EMT is a big commitment and the classes will help you to prepare to deal with a number of health related scenarios.  This is a great opportunity for teens who want to become involved in health and medical careers or even just want to make a difference now. 
Ciara Worthey is very excited to be involved in these EMT classes over the summer in hopes they will continue. 
Diana Stinkova:
Sophomore Diana Stinkova is looking forward to participating in a dancing camp and a possible lab study while seeing well-known colleges such as Harvard University and Rutgers University. 
 Stinkova hopes to attend her third year of dance camp in Upstate New York towards the end of July this summer. The camp focuses on ballet and character dancing. 
“It’s really fun and everyone works really hard for a grande showcase for the parents and dance teachers,” Stinkova said. “It is really worth it to improve your skills. I have many Ukrainian festivals to perform at as I was promoted this year to the Dance Enable with professional dancers in the ensemble.”  
Stinkova might also participate in a lab research study at Harvard or Rutgers but hasn’t decided yet. However, whichever amazing college she decides on, she is excited about the fun summer adventures that lie ahead.