Margaret West prepares to “JUMP AROUND”


Julia Sassoon

The Fanscotian has been closely following and reporting the college process of mystery student “Margaret West” over the past four issues. Now that the school year is coming to a close, it is finally time to reveal West’s identity and decision. Margaret West, also known as Lindsey Porchetta, will be attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison for the next four years.
Porchetta is planning on attending as a pre-pharmacology and toxicology student, which could lead to attending the pharmacy school at the University of Wisconsin in future years. She is extremely proud to be part of a program that is ranked top 10 in the country. However, she is trying to keep her options open because of the numerous excellent programs at the school.
Aside from her schoolwork, Porchetta plans to join a sorority and study abroad at some point during her four years. She also looks forward to cheering on the sports teams on game day, as she has immense pride in her school. Above all else, she hopes to make lots of new friends and connections to help her receive impressive job opportunities.
Porchetta loves every aspect of the university, including the student life, community and academics. She feels that her family’s excitement and support only fuels this admiration.

“From the minute I was admitted to the school I think I knew that it was going to be Wisconsin in the end,” Porchetta said. “I don’t want to say that [the decision] was easy because there was a lot that went into it, but it really did feel right.”

Attending a school that requires air travel does not phase Porchetta in the least. She is eager to experience a brand new setting and environment.

“I have always wanted to go far away for college because I love to travel and see new places,” Porchetta said.

Porchetta urges those who are anticipating the college process to keep a level head. She encourages others to remember that everything will happen the way that it is meant to.

“I would advise incoming seniors to remain calm in the process and know that everything has a way of working itself out,” Porchetta said. “Sometimes there are factors in the college process that are out of your control and it’s not worth the stress or pressure.”