Top 5 Rides at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


Connor Matulonis, Staff Writer

As someone who just recently visited Magic Kingdom, I felt as if the rides had to be ranked. If you are someone who has been on these rides or has never heard of them, I definitely would recommend going on them when you next go to Disney World. 


  1. Pirates of the Caribbean

Being one of the oldest attractions out of the Disney World Parks, Pirates of the Caribbean continues to have the same thrill and excitement it did many years ago. The ride tells the story of pirates in the West Indies islands as it brings you through their troubles and adventures. Not only does the ride have its own song but its salt water smell can be recognized by any fans of the attraction.  

  1. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

For a family-friendly coaster this trilling attraction offers all the things a fun ride should include. This attraction takes you in a mine cart along with snow white’s dwarfs through caves and hills. A huge stand out feature about the ride is that the carts sway which creates a next level of fun for turns and drops. 

  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

As one of the more thrilling attractions within Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad offers, at a high speed, sharp turns, sudden drops and intense curves. The ride transports you into an Old West mining town while riding an out-of-control train. 

  1. Space Mountain

For a ride that is almost 50 years old, Space Mountain, an iconic attraction of Tomorrowland, has the same exciting thrill as many of the new attractions. This outer-space themed indoor coaster takes you through intense turns and hills while riding in the dark. This ride especially, transports you into far away galaxies with its galactic soundtrack and shooting stars. 

  1. Tron

Tron Lightcycle Power Run, also known as Tron, is the newest and most advanced attraction within Magic Kingdom. As this ride is gaining vast popularity, access to the free virtual queue is needed to ride. Even the waiting rooms for the ride are insanely technology advanced, getting you hype for what’s to come. Unlike most rides, Tron sits you in a motorcycle-like seat, pushing your back towards the handlebars. One of the most mesmerizing features of the ride is its speed, making it one of the fastest Disney rides.