Members of our SPFHS Community Serve on the Junior Overlook Board


Photo Courtesy of Marianne Devlin. Members of the Overlook Junior Board gather for a meeting. They have the opportunity to learn and interact with doctors at Overlook Medical Center.

Keira Baerson, Feature Editor

On the first Monday of every month, the Junior Overlook Board meets to learn, discuss and fundraise for Overlook Medical Center. 

This year, a group of 17 juniors are tasked with funding a grant that is allocated to an Overlook Medical Center Department of their choice. Junior Lindsey Midrano currently serves as a Junior Board Representative and a member of the social media board. 

“I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field and get hands-on experience with doctors and medical professionals, as well as give back to the community,” Midrano told The Fanscotian. “The Junior Board is both because we get to interact with medical professionals… But at the same time, we’re fundraising for a good cause to give back to the community who goes to Overlook.” 

Getting experience in the hospital has sparked curiosity and exploration for members of the Junior Board. They have begun learning the ins and outs of a hospital by touring the emergency room, pediatric wing and the surgical center. 

Members of the board have also had the opportunity to learn and gain insight from medical professionals. They recently heard from the Chief of Surgery, who founded a weight loss surgery program at Overlook. Also, they spoke with the head of Overlook Foundation, where they learned about funding from the community and the importance of maintaining donors. 

Every year, there are one or two seniors selected to oversee the Junior Overlook Board. Senior Meredith Kenoff is very excited to hold the position of the Board Chair. As a Representative last year, Kenoff has recognized the positive impact the Board has on our community. 

“It [has been] a great experience to meet people with the same interests as me and [The Junior Overlook Board] is a good networking opportunity to work with other students that are like-minded,” Kennoff said. “It was a really great opportunity to connect with doctors and even if you’re not interested in pre-med, there’s a lot of business to what we do.” 

The Junior Overlook Board provides experience for all, no matter what field or profession a student is planning to pursue. 

“The great part about the Junior Board is that no matter what field you want to go into, whether that’s the medical field or business… It’s a great opportunity to give back and get hands-on experience working with incredible people [and] medical professionals. [You] really get to see the business side of a medical center,” Midrano said.

This year, the Overlook Junior Board is striving to raise $50,000 to fund a operating room that is specific for Neurosurgery. They have a lot of matching grants from the Foundation’s donors, so every dollar that is donated is worth $2.33.

“I want to be a neurologist, so I am majoring in neuroscience next year and I hope to pursue medical school,” Kenoff said.“Already through the Overlook Junior Board, I’ve made connections with a lot of doctors… [and] I’ve gotten a lot of experience and exposure to the medical field.”