Open Mic Night?: Sounds aMUSE-ing


Jada Montgomery, Sports Editor

6:30 pm. 

Be there. 

The MUSE literary magazine is hosting an Open Mic Night, tonight (Friday, January 20) in the Cafeteria. The night will consist of a range of performances from musical to spoken word. 

But many students may be asking the question–What is MUSE?

Run by advisor Brain McKenna, the literary magazine collects poetry and short story submissions from students all year, then compiles them into a magazine in the Spring. 

Senior Member of MUSE Tessa Going shares why she joined, and why students should come out and  support tonight. “ I’ve always been into literature. I really enjoy the atmosphere of the club, and the members are cool. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. I know a lot of people who are signing up, and  it’s really a  great  space for people who are into literature,” said Going.

Start off your weekend right by attending the Open Mic Night! 

Can’t make the Open Mic Night? Support MUSE by submitting a poem or short story of your own. Also, be sure to follow their instagram at @muse_magazine_spf.