Coming soon – “Shrek the Musical Jr.”


Sabrina Ngu

Vivid colors. Astonishing acting. Magnificent melodies. These are some of the contributing factors that make a musical magical and filled with a life that is not commonly seen in movies. Coming soon to the students, parents and staff  of Scotch Plains – Fanwood is “Shrek the Musical Jr.” With Brianna Vitale, director and choreographer, and Megan Fernandez, music director and choreographer, working alongside the students and staff – cast and crew alike – “Shrek the Musical Jr.” will be a magical musical that will snatch everyone’s wigs. 
To those who have not seen the first “Shrek” movie, it is about the cranky, titular character – Shrek the Ogre – who goes on a quest to rescue a human princess in order to take back is swamp surrounded by a variety of fairytale characters. While the story of the movie will remain the same in the musical, the additional songs and the choreography will add life to the musical like never seen before. 
Both music and dance are ways of expression,” said Fernandez. “Shrek is filled with so many characters and it is the music and dancing that brings their personalities to life.” 
There will be a total of three performance dates. On Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21, the shows will be at 7 pm. Meanwhile, the third date, Sunday, March 22, will be at 2 pm. As far as ticket prices go, it will cost $11.00 for adults and $8.00 for students and seniors. Faculty and staff get a free ticket, but their ID must be checked at performance time. 
Based on the hard work that the students and staff of the performance have put in, the musical is sure to become a smashing hit. From the students that bring some of “Shrek’s” iconic characters to life – such as the comical Donkey to the title character himself – to the crew that constructs the set and brings it to life with colors, their effort will not go to waste. “Shrek the Musical Jr.” will not be a disappointment for those who will see it.