Gymnastics tumbles into a new season


Alexa Melnitsky

With four senior captains and a mass of incoming freshman, the raiders gymnastics team is continuing its plan of a great season.
“I’m looking forward to competing and meeting the new team members,” Rachel Tang, senior captain said. “I think we’ll have a really strong season this year.”
Along with Tang, senior captains Kara Bush, Jesse Friebely, and Elena Wollman all plan on making changes to how they approach the season, one being the implementation of a workout routine before meets.
“If we could do a little more quality practice over quantity practice it would help us to have practice take less of a toll on their bodies,” gymnastic coach Lisa Cerchio said. ”That way we can get them recovering and on all the apparatuses a little faster.”
With gymnasts such as Wollman, Lenore Ferguson, and many more on the injured list, first and foremost on the to-do list is to get the girls up and tumbling again. The team hopes that that this will work to continue increasing their scores every meet and sticking beam.
In addition to focusing on winning at competitions, the captains and upper classmen members have also been working hard to make the new freshman members feel comfortable and accustomed to be one with the team.
“This year were already so close with the freshman and they’re so nice,” said Tang. “It already makes us a better team, we work together and care about each other.”
For meets, the Union County Tournament in general is key for the season, and team of girls, despite the injuries, are already doing great so far.
“I’m looking forward to all of our meets,” said Friebly. “Especially competing against Westfield because we have a lot of strong teammates and it’s going to be a good season.”
In addition to the Union County Tournament, they will also be competing in other key meets such as the Cougar Invitational, which evaluates the gymnasts on elements such as the beam, floor, and bars.
“Cougar invitational will give us a good idea of where we stand in comparison to the other teams because again the UC tournament we will have all the same judges so it puts us on a very even playing field,” said Cerchio.
Overall, the girls have been working hard, and know that all the long practices will pay off. The team is ready to face the season head on, and continue to improve their gymnastic skills as well as grow as a group.
“I think that they’re a young team and this season they’re going to be maturing a lot and it gives us a hope for a bright future next year.” said Cerchio.
Come watch the Raiders gymnastics team at Scotch Plains Fanwood High School against Jonathan Dayton on October 1st!