Anime News: Will 'Bleach' return to television?

Anime News: Will 'Bleach' return to television?

McKella Sylvester

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Anime: a vortex that swallows its viewers whole with aesthetic art-style and engaging storylines. Art teacher Jeffery Gutterman said, “Anime has subliminal messages that keeps kids addicted to it.”


That is exactly what happened to me. The Naruto franchise has ensnared me and gotten me into other anime such as One Piece and Bleach. Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are three of the most popular manga and anime series as of today. Manga is the production of Japanese comics while anime is the production of Japanese animated cartoon videos.


What is different and unfortunate about the Bleach series, is that the anime has been on a hiatus for 4 years, abruptly ending in a filler arc, a subplot that stalls the overall stories of the  while its manga counterpart has been ongoing.


Bleach follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who becomes a substitute soul reaper and aims to protects his friends. With the 366 episode series on hiatus, the Bleach fandom has been speculating on the return of the animated series.

 It was rumored that once Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach, has fully finished the manga, then there would either a continuation or a reboot of the anime. Since the manga ended this year, many are expecting some announcement from Kubo.


Honestly, this sounds very promising and exciting, but at the same time, rumors are rumors and there hasn’t been any concrete evidence of production from Kubo and Studio Pierrot, the television production company that makes the anime.

I already moved on the manga where the anime left off and I find it just as heartwarming, funny, and endearing as the anime.


If there’s any announcement about the Bleach franchise, I’ll keep you updated. ‘Getsuga tensho’ fellow soul reapers.