Varsity football has promising season ahead, despite loss in first game


McKella Sylvester

Scotch Plains-Fanwood Raiders’ football team suffered a 21-27 loss on Saturday, Sep. 12 for the first game of the season against the Plainfield Cardinals.
But don’t let the scoring fool you into thinking that the players didn’t give their all. “They  [played well] today and that’s what we got from last year. They’re going to keep fighting, getting back up, and fighting again,” Head Coach Jonathan Stack said when asked about the team’s current season.
Early in the game, James [Marquel] Taylor, known to spectators as number 7, scored the first touchdown. Shortly after, the Raiders scored another touchdown, leading the game 14-0. The crowd of royal blue went wild with applause and cheers, and one could feel the growing optimism and anticipation in the stands.
Nearing the end of the 1st quarter, the Cardinals gained up with over a 30 yard dash before landing a touchdown themselves. Add in some tackles, interceptions, and a touchdown from the opponent, and the crowd demonstrated increased frenzy. By halftime, the Cardinals had nearly closed the gap, leaving the Raiders with only a 9-point lead.

The Raiders offense, led by quarterback Marquel Taylor.
The Raiders offense, led by quarterback Marquel Taylor.

“Marquel Taylor is our top offensive threat,” Coach Stack said when asked about the key players this season. Taylor, the starting quarterback, was a clear crowd favorite during the game.
Unfortunately the Cardinals kept catching up and eventually surpassed the Raiders with two touchdowns and two PATs, ending the game with a score of 27-21.
It’s one of those games when it comes down to a few plays here and there and that’s sometimes the hardest losses. When it’s coming down to a few plays we have to correct those mistakes,” Stack said.