Harry Styles presents “Love On Tour” and so much more


Photo courtesy of Isabella Cocca

Taking the stage at the Amway Center, Harry Styles plays his electric guitar. He was beyond excited to be performing for fans down in Florida.

Keira Baerson, Staff Writer

Sitting on the edge of her seat, Isabella Cocca could feel the radiant energy about to explode. As she awaited his arrival, her heart pounded and the anticipation evoked a contagious euphoria felt throughout the building. 


Suddenly his voice pours from the speakers and in dazzling blue attire: Harry Styles emerges from the stage on a platform. In a daze, Cocca ecstatically sings along as Styles opens with a fan favorite, “Golden.” 


For the first time since the pandemic, on Sept. 4, 2021 Styles took the stage and kicked off “Love On Tour” with Jenny Lewis in Las Vegas. After entertaining fans around the nation, Styles plans to close his tour in Los Angeles on Nov. 20.  

He’s pushing the boundaries and just completely breaking all the stereotypes that the average male pop singer has to be like [in our society].

— Isabella Coccca

The fans’ love for Styles goes far beyond his tremendous abilities in the singing and songwriting industry. 


“He’s pushing the boundaries and just completely breaking all the stereotypes that the average male pop singer has to be like [in our society],” Cocoa told The Fanscotian


Masculinity pressures men to fit the standards of society. Many feel the need to change themselves to fit in and impress others. Not Styles, though. He doesn’t care about how men are “supposed to” act or look; he only cares about confidence. 


Last December, Styles wore a dress during the “Vogue” photoshoot. He faced controversy over this, but has never allowed the negativity to dull his sparkle.

“He’s just very human,” sophomore Rebecca Wofsy said. “He is whoever he wants to be and he doesn’t care what other people think.” 


Styles has inspired millions of people around the world, simply by just being himself. As he continues to break stereotypes, Styles uses the backlash as motivation to encourage acceptance and inclusion. 


During his song “Treat People With Kindness,” Styles waved huge pride flags around the stage.  He creates a welcoming and safe environment, where everyone is free to be themselves.


“It really just makes a big impact [on fans] knowing that somebody that they care about so much is supporting and loving them,” Cocca said.