Round of applause for Conor Gallagher: SPF theatre’s newest addition


Caitlin Maughan

Mr. Gallagher stands outside of the Scotch Plain Fanwood auditorium ready to take on the role of District Theatre Production Technology ​​Specialist. Gallagher attended the University of South Carolina to pursue theatre and even spent a semester in Ireland studying it.

Caitlin Maughan and Alicia Goff

When six-year-old Conor Gallagher auditioned for his school’s production of “The Wizard of Oz,” he had no idea that he would fall in love with theatre. 


It was originally Gallagher’s mom who suggested the idea. What must have been an outstanding audition landed Gallagher the thrilling part of a flying monkey. Since then, Gallagher has continued his journey in the world of show business. 


“I graduated from the University of South Carolina and then I moved to New York City and I lived there for almost a year,” Gallagher told The Fanscotian. “Then I realized that the starving part of being a starving artist wasn’t for me.” 


Now, he is the District Theater Production Technology Specialist​​ for Scotch Plains-Fanwood. Therefore, Gallagher is responsible for anything that involves theatre that isn’t performance-based in the SPF school district. Hence, he will play a substantial role in the production of the fall play and the spring musical. 

I am so excited to start working on the fall play and really sink my teeth into the theatre season

— Conor Gallagher

Gallagher is, for many, the first person to teach the students of the stage crew about the inner workings of technical theatre. With his help, crew members will become experts on lighting, props, sound and building sets. 


“I teach everyone how to do this [technical theatre] because there is no stage crew class so I am the stage crew person,” Gallagher said.


They say creative minds never rest. In Gallagher’s case, this statement is true. When he isn’t working, Gallagher loves to read and write; he especially enjoys the science fiction genre. If not for theatre, Gallagher would have loved to have been an author.


“My favorite book is probably the Red Rising trilogy,” Gallagher said. “It’s a space opera, like Star Wars. It’s not really magic, but science fiction to the point where it seems like magic.”


Gallagher feels as though working with young people in theatre is his true calling; he is delighted to share his passion for the field and his expertise with the SPF community. 


“I am so excited to start working on the fall play and really sink my teeth into the theatre season,” Gallagher said.