Don’t knock it till you try it: how to believe in the spirituality of crystal healing


Cass Salot, Print EIC

Crystals aren’t just your earthy home decor, or a pop of color in your modern home. To many people they mean a lot more than that; they draw lines of practice that have developed over hundreds of years.  


Dating back to the early 1600s, crystals and gemstones were used for healing and guidance purposes. Fast forward to 1980, a new and coming revelation of crystals came with the advent of New Age culture, the use of crystals and gemstones began to re-emerge as a healing method. Much of the practice was drawn from old traditions with more information gained by experimentation and channelling. Nowadays you can find books about crystals everywhere. 


The people who believe in the restoring and healing powers of crystals are usually the same people who practice meditation. 


“I have been meditating almost every day for about a year now,” senior Ally Vklovic said. “I do it to recollect my emotions, and usually I will think about one good thing that happened to me within that day. With Coronavirus and being surrounded by a negative atmosphere, I found that meditating made me feel grounded and appreciative of the positive things I still am surrounded by.” 


See how all these things connect? It occurs within the realm of spirituality. 


What is most recently being discovered again and used by many is manifestation. But what is manifestation exactly? The practice of manifestation is bringing something into your life through attraction and belief. 


What do these three things, crystals, mediating and manifestation have in common?


 The powerful spiritual existence of believing that there is connection between you and the Earth.


 “When you feel protected or guided by some higher power or cosmic force, you feel a lightness in your heart and in your step,” English teacher Nicole Petrone said. “You feel more at peace with your circumstances. You feel connected to living things. It’s easier to find the beauty in life.” 


This isn’t to say that you should substitute a crystal and a session of meditation for a doctor’s orders. Sure, go ahead and try and manifest a speedy recovery (but take your medicine).


 “We all come from one source,” Petrone said. “We all go back to that source when we die. We are all one. That’s what meditation and crystals and any spiritual practice is all about. It’s about forming a union with yourself, with others and with the cosmos.”