Checking in with Jamir Blanding on his senior project


Alyssa Cordero

Every year during mid-may, students at Scotch Plains Fanwood High School have the opportunity to spend the last month of senior year outside of the high school. Students take this month to explore possible job opportunities; this can span from shadowing a doctor to re-creating a mural at the high school.
The Fanscotian checked in with senior Jamir Blanding after his first few weeks interning at New Jersey Law Education Empowerment Project, NJEEP, an educational nonprofit in New Jersey. He described his first week as “amazing.”
“I knew that this senior project would give me a headstart on joining the professional workforce, and build strong adult characteristics such as independence, and more responsibility which is necessary for any job, and in life,” Blanding said.
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 4.54.46 PMBlanding has assumed the role of Community Spirit Director. He has four objectives which include  organizing senior honors night, formulating tip sheets, organizing summer orientation, and developing more community spirit. In order to accomplish these tasks, he has to gather information about each student at the program.
Although Blanding is missing his last month of high school, he thinks that senior project will prepare him for his future career as a property lawyer. Through this project, he is able to understand balancing responsibilities and how adults work together
Blanding leaves incoming seniors with this piece of advice.
“Senior project is an amazing privilege and I feel more seniors should take use opportunity to better themselves, better communities, and learn something the high school doesn’t teach you.” Blanding said.