Single on Valentine’s Day?


Sydney Shuler

Have no fear, The Fanscotian is here to offer you a few ways to avoid feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day!
1. Be your own valentine
Self love is the most important love and there is no shame in being alone! Love on yourself on this glorified couple’s day. Buy chocolates, flowers, cook or buy your favorite dinner and dessert. Celebrate the love you have for you.
2. Galentine’s Day
Have a girls’ night! Celebrate the day of love with your closest friends. Relax at a friend’s house in comfortable clothes and indulge in your group’s favorite movies, foods and snacks for  the night. Let your friends remind you of the importance of friendship, and the unconditional love that they have to offer.
3. Anti-Valentine’s Day Party
For those who grow queasy at any mention of Valentine’s Day, an anti-love party may just be for you. Decorate a venue with dark heart balloons and limit the DJ’s playlist to music that only bashes relationships, while you and your guests mock the holiday. An anti-Valentine’s Day party should be lighthearted and fun, and not at all fatalistic. Have fun with this unique alternative.
4. Spread the Love
Love on Valentine’s Day does not have to be limited to couples. Be a beam of light on the 14th and spread the love wherever you go. Offer compliments to people that you have never met, share innocent and small gifts with people in your classes, or go out of your way to perform random acts of kindness. You might just find that doing something to bring a smile to a stranger’s face is better than any roses or chocolates.
5. Accomplish a Personal Goal
Take the day to commit yourself to that one goal that you have been trying to accomplish, but never quite followed through.  Whether it’s getting organized with your school work, filling out college applications, finally talking to the cute boy or girl in your math class, or setting a budget for the week, keep yourself motivated and do not stop until you have completed the one thing that you committed yourself to. The sense of achievement at the end of the day will make you want to give yourself a loving pat on the back.