"Starboy" dominates the charts during its first week debut


Sarah Spitzer

On November 25, 2016, The Weeknd released his new upbeat album titled Starboy, which holds the namesake of the hit single that has taken over radio waves across US.

The album was shortly released after the Weeknd’s  hit single, “Starboy”, was released on  September 22, 2016. This energetic pop hit featured  the techno group, Daft Punk which made the R&B feel  of the song more upbeat. The song “Starboy” sets the tone of mad genius  for the album.
“True Colors” has a smooth vibe to it and The album as a whole represents the shift The Weeknd has made as an artist.“Stargirl Interlude”, the two-minute track that introduces the album features cult-favorite Lana Del Rey. Her voice and the short track introduce the album.
Another track, “Sidewalks” which features Kendrick Lamar, is one of the most popular tracks from the album. Throughout the song, the stories of their struggles during childhood are told. Fun fact: Sam Smith sings the chorus of the track.
Listeners have commented that the songs “Love to Lay” and “A Lonely Night” sound similar to the recent songs released by hip hop retro artist, Bruno Mars.
“I Feel It Coming” gives a mellow tone and a techno type rhythm to complete the album.
Gabriella Marino, senior at SPFHS, gave her honest input on the album.
“I listened to the album as soon as it came out and loved it,”Marino said.  “I thought it was a really intense album and showed a different side from his old albums.”
Wayne Neal, senior at SPFHS, listens to the album everyday on his way to and from school.
“The songs just get me and my friends in a good mood and they are so fun to listen to,” Neal said.
In conclusion, this album has been one of the most popular and lively albums of  2016. In fact, all 18 songs of the album made the Billboard Hot 100. This made The Weeknd the second artist with the most simultaneous entries, following Drake who had charted 20 songs in May 2016.  The Weeknd mixes different tones of music with his feelings create a vibe that listeners will have stuck in their head for awhile.
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