Decisions, Decisions: Hudson and Penelope Update

Alyssa Cordero

Although March does not seem critical in the college application process, senior Penelope is not yet in the clear. The Fanscotian last documented Penelope as she received acceptances from Rutgers University and St. Bonaventure.
Since then, Penelope has been accepted into the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Rochester and Pennsylvania State University. These acceptances are critical for Penelope’s college application progress because all of these schools are at the top of her list.
“It’s a relief to finally get accepted because you’ve been waiting so long,”  said Penelope. “you’ve worked so hard throughout the years with your application and everything.”
As she waits for a few more colleges to hear back from, Penelope is still working to complete scholarship applications. She has applied for scholarships through Unigo, a scholarship website, as well as scholarships through Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School.
Penelope anticipates to receive the remainder of her letters by the middle of March.
The Fanscotian will continue to update on Penelope’s senior year. As for now, Penelope leaves us with, “During the second semester, I definitely feel more relieved, because I’ve gone through the hard part,” said Penelope. “Now it’s just kind of enjoying my Senior year, waiting to hear back, and having a good time.”

Despite having their standardized test completed and sending their applications, seniors are still heavily involved in their college app process. Since The Fanscotian last documented Hudson, so much has occurred that has moved him closer to college.
Hudson can now add two more colleges onto his list! He has been accepted into Centenary College and Montclair State University in addition to East Stroudsburg University. Hudson is extremely excited and proud of these acceptances because they rank at the top of his list.
“I’ll know I’ll have great schools to be accepted in.” said Hudson.
As he awaits for more letters to arrive, Hudson recently started completing college applications. Though starting scholarships may be stressful for him, the possibility of of having “free money” to college beats out the tedious amount of time taken to complete the applications.
Now that a bulk of the load has been lifted from Hudson due to his hard work at the beginning of the school year, everything seems to look good for him.

“I’m feeling good because I have less to do now.”