Scotch Plains MLK Day of Service brings community together


This group smiles for the camera after a day of service

Alexa-Jada Nelson

The town-wide Martin Luther King Day of Service on Monday, Jan. 18, drew many citizens of Scotch Plains to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and complete acts of service.
Among the many activities offered on this day was the Health Kit Assembly. Through this activity, people of all ages assembled health kits that will be delivered to the less fortunate.
“The nursing students of the Elizabeth Nursing School [are] going to be delivering these kits and providing healthcare to the rural areas of the Dominican Republic,” said event coordinator Sylvia Hicks.
Why health kits? The Dominican Republic is a developing country so there are many Dominicans who do not have enough money for basic toiletries.
Each health kit consisted of four toothbrushes and one of each of the following: toothpaste, washcloth, bar of soap, shampoo, comb, dental floss, deodorant.
105 completed kits were made, and there are more being assembled before they are shipped off.
The Martin Luther King Day of Service of Scotch Plains was definitely a day of service and a day of remembrance for the civil rights activist and humanitarian who wanted nothing more than equality for all races in America: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Mayor Glover said, “I think [today] reflects who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was in that he cared about others and he believed in community and he believed in us, that we would help one another. That’s what made us better people.”
This day was definitely a way to unite the community and have everyone participate in many activities that will help others who are struggling in this world.
“Now his legacy will live on,” Glover said, “and it will live on through such a simple task, a simple deed, a simple offering. I know, in my heart of hearts, believe that he’d be proud.”