SPF Raiders suffer after easy win for Union Farmers


Alyssa Cordero

photo by Alyssa Cordero

The Union Boys Basketball team defeated the SPF Raiders after four periods on Jan. 12 at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School.
At the start of the first period, SPF got the possession but quickly lost the ball to Union. After several baskets from Union, SPF was able to keep up with Union’s pace with a couple of baskets of their own. The first period ended at 14:21 with Union in the lead. SPF was able to keep themselves in the game with help from junior Teddy Willmott, junior Nigel Nelson, and senior Aaron Lee.
In the second period, it was apparent that the SPF boys were keeping up with Union. Even though juniors Peter Yarem and Nelson scored points towards the end of the second period, Union was unstoppable and the period ended at 22: 39
“second quarter we were in it, we just have to keep playing and not do our own thing,” said sophomore Lamont Cruse.
Throughout the third and fourth period, the SPF raiders fought hard with points from sophomore Tommy Drubulis, Lee, Nelson, and Yarem. At the end of the game however, Union won; the score being 32:69. This game left the boys basketball team’s record at 1-8
The SPF Raiders will have a chance to redeem themselves against St. Mary High School on Jan. 14.