SPF alumni return for College Panel


Left to right: Sam Loop, Steven Haverlock, Joseph Haverlock, Olivia Nelson

Alexa-Jada Nelson

Left to Right: Sam Loop, Steven Haverlock, Joseph Haverlock, Olivia Nelson. Photo taken by Alexa-Jada Nelson.
This past Wednesday, January 6, 2016, the PTA and the Counseling Department hosted a College Panel, in the Multi-Purpose room, featuring four Scotch-Plains Fanwood High School alumni.
The four panelists were Joseph Haverlock, Steven Haverlock, Sam Loop and Olivia Nelson. The Haverlocks both attend Rutgers University Honors College in New Brunswick. Loop attends the Georgia Institute of Technology and Nelson attends the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. The Haverlocks and Loop, apart of the Class of 2015 of SPFHS, are now freshmen and Nelson, who graduated from SPFHS in 2013, is now a junior. This group of thriving students were the sources to some of the burning questions about college.
The event commenced when Dr. Heisey prompted the panelists about the major challenges in college. As the event continued, there seemed to be an emphasis on managing time wisely and taking advantages here at SPFHS before going to college.

Dr. Heisey introduces college panel of four SPFHS alumni. Photo taken by Alexa-Jada Nelson.

Joseph Haverlock, who is majoring in Public Health and Music and minoring in Biology, commented, “I feel like SPF has definitely prepared me for the college experience. I had a very rigorous schedule senior year, which I feel helped me a lot. I also feel like the activities and different things at SPF had to offer really helped me with time management.”
Nelson, who is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Hispanic Studies, appreciates the skills SPFHS has equipped her with and is using them to accomplish many things. “I think doing my own research project this past summer where I traveled–was in Europe for four and a half weeks. I actually wrote a paper that will be published as a result of that,” said Nelson.
The major take-aways from the panel was taking rigorous courses in high school rather than wasting time and money taking those same classes in college.  In addition, since college  translates to independence, college students are in charge of their lives and their education; they must make smart choices  The panelists also had a general consensus that joining clubs in college is a great way to meet new people and seize more opportunities.
There was even discussion upon college social life.  They all appreciate the freedom to go out and have fun with friends, but emphasized the importance of saying no in uncomfortable situations.  It is important to take care of oneself in college.  It is also important to not spend too much time partying but not too much time studying: there should be an balance.
The panel was a great way to get the real answers about college from college students.