Girls soccer defeats Oak Knoll 3-0


Saleena Nival

On Oct. 20, the Raiders girls soccer team beat Oak Knoll with a solid 3-0.
During the first half, the Lady Raiders fought hard for possession of the ball. Oak Knoll got a penalty kick for a handball on the Raiders, but Oak Knoll could not convert. Within a few minutes, SPFHS once again began to dominate possession. With twenty minutes left before halftime, senior Annie Pierce slammed the ball into the net for the first goal of the game.
This score boosted the team’s confidence, and the girls played an aggressive game onward. The tension stood high as the two teams fought for possession of the ball, and, with 18 minutes left in the game, both sides were desperate for a goal. Finally, sophomore Kerri McNeely scored and continued the Raider’s lead.
The Raiders were very defense-focused. Oak Knoll put up a respectable fight, but with four saves, goalie Andrea Leitner would not let a ball into her net.
With less than ten minutes on the clock, Pierce scored yet again and crushed Oak Knoll’s hopes of redemption.