Junior Class President Isaiah Nathaniel talks sports, school & junior prom


Joe Kaplan, Staff Writer

Junior Isaiah Nathaniel spoke about his Junior Year, planning for prom and how his school year was different than usual this year. 

Q: How would you describe your junior year in one or two words, why?

A: Being junior class president during an unprecedented school year has been really odd.  Almost every single method in which I would conduct my responsibilities was turned upside down this year.  I kind of had to change my approach to accommodate for these changes.

Q: Can you describe the process of going to prom? What were your emotions hearing that it was going to happen?

A: The process in which we planned prom was super unprecedented.  In usual years, the partnership with Westwood (Garwood) allows us to plan, with certainty, the junior prom.  This year, Westwood could not accommodate us, so we had to jump through hoops to find a venue.  Because of that,  I was very happy when I heard that junior prom was officially going to happen.  

Q: Can you go into detail talking about your football and lacrosse experience this year? What was it like with COVID restrictions? How were you able to perform well on the field as well as be successful in class?

A: My experience playing lacrosse and football this year has been a roller coaster.  Each day there is the potential for a COVID-19 case to put a halt to our season for two weeks.  This constant possibility hanging over our heads made these seasons very different from others.  I was able to perform well on the field and in the classroom because I have experience juggling between numerous commitments. 

Q: What would you say is your most difficult class? Why?

A: My most difficult class this year is AP chemistry.  AP Chemistry is a mixture of all things that make a course hard.  Complex concepts, intricate math and a large workload.   All of these things put together made AP Chemistry my hardest class.