Top 10 Assassin Tips for the Class of 2021


Jamie Frank, Social Media Manager & Graphics Editor

  1. Always lock your car. Seriously. Not that hard, and it can save you from getting out.
  2. Make friends. Being able to ask around for info on your targets is essential. Or, ask friends of friends. Using other people in the grade is the best strategy by far.
  3. Stock up on gas and don’t repeat gas stations twice. If people are following you and you have to roll down your window to say “fill it up regular, please,” you’re going to have a problem.
  4. Install a security camera at your house. I speak from experience. When you have two people sitting by your car trying to get you, make sure you check the security cameras first, or send a sibling outside pretending to take out the trash. This definitely works and will fool people.
  5. Stop talking so much. When people overhear you talking about your strategy or schedule, that is BAD. So, even if you are a loud person (aka me) please refrain from spilling all of your life secrets in public.
  6. Quit your job. If you are a hardworking student who is employed, you are giving people another place to shoot you. I would give our two weeks notice and try to find another way to make money.
  7. Get those reps in. You have to be ready to run. Running can save you in the game, so make sure those quads are primed and ready to go. Even if you aren’t a track star, you should be able to sprint away if someone is following you.
  8. Turn off snap maps and Life360. I speak from experience when I say Life360 is not good to have for friend groups anyways. Turn off your location or delete the app. If you have your Snap maps on while still playing, you deserve to get out.
  9. Utilize your garage. Pulling into your garage can save your life. Make sure your car fits though beforehand, so you don’t scratch the sides of your car.
  10. Have a shield. Use an umbrella or another person to protect yourself. If you don’t have a person handy, throwing items at the people trying to get you will work almost every time.