The cure for boredom!


Gabby Lancaster

Whether it’s a particularly slow weekend or there’s simply nothing else to do, we’ve all had the feeling of needing a new activity or hobby to pass the time.  The hardest part of starting something new though is coming up with what to do and how to do it.  Here are three different activities to try when you’re in desperate need of something creative or fun.  
This might seem like a daunting task when considering the works of a famous painter like Davinci or Picasso but in fact, it’s a lot simpler and calmer than it appears.  Painting is one of the most therapeutic yet freeing activities out there because it allows full creativity and expression.  Not only that, but it’s fun and easy.  There are plenty of paint kits on Amazon or Walmart that include brushes, paint and easels to make the experience as simple as ever.  So, grab your brushes (or go buy them), sit down, turn some music on and paint away.  
For all the chefs out there, this seems like an immediate response when bored but if you don’t usually cook or bake, this is something to consider.  Similar to painting, cooking can also be incredibly creative and you don’t have to follow a recipe.  In fact, part of the fun is coming up with new recipes and marrying different flavors together like sweet and salty.  If you’re not a fan of cooking, baking might be a better option for you.  It requires a bit more technique and is definitely more specific when it comes to measurements and numbers but it can also be really relaxing.  And, whether you choose cooking or baking, you’ll end up with a delicious snack to enjoy afterwards.  
Yoga is a type of activity that a lot of people either love or hate but you never know until you try.  Although it may seem like a slow and prolonged type of fitness, it’s actually very calming and is flexible enough to speed up or slow down.  There are a lot of different types of yoga for everyone, some involve mediation and others are designed to help build strength and tone.  Either way, yoga is a practice that requires time and effort but the results lead to a much calmer and relaxed mind and body.  There are plenty of yoga sequences and videos online for free so it’s easily accessible.