Your Trash? Their treasure!


Shruti Khandelwal

Unwanted gifts are a universally unpleasant experience for all. It is not uncommon to save these unwanted gifts to regift to someone who may appreciate it more. The holiday season is the perfect time to do so.
Celebrated since 2008 made official by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, today is National Regifting Day, it is celebrated throughout the United States. It is held on the Thursday before Christmas each year.
If you do not already save these undesirable gifts to give away, here’s a reason to start. It is a great way to recycle. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Rather than returning products that may end up getting thrown away or you yourself throwing them away, set it aside for someone that may end up using it.
The main rules, or rather etiquette, to observing this holiday are as follows.
Do not give it to someone that you are certain will not enjoy it.
The gift must be unopened and it should be presented like it is new.
If you know that the gifter bought it with meaning and thought or if it was theirs and they passed it on to you, be sensitive and keep it.
If the gift is handmade or custom made, do not give it away.
Be sure that the recipient will not tell the original gifter about the gift.
Hopefully, this has sparked some gifting ideas for all of you last-minute shoppers. Enjoy the holiday season, SPF!