Having a hard time finding secret Santa gifts? Here are five gift ideas for every type of person

Jordynn Blackwell, Managing Director

With the holidays finally upon us, it’s the time of year to deck the halls and get peer pressured to participate in secret Santa. The worst feeling ever is drawing names and ending up with someone you don’t know or even like.


Can’t come up with any gift ideas? Well, worry no more! Here’s plenty of gift ideas to win secret Santa this holiday season. 


Gifts for your tech lover friends 


Whether it’s your grandpa who doesn’t know how to text or your younger sibling that’s glued to their iPad 24/7, everyone’s world revolves around technology nowadays. A simple gift like a wireless charging pad is compatible with any phone and perfect as a charging station for the whole family. 

Gift for the plant parent in your life


In recent years, gardening and plant nursing has become a trending hobby, and to be honest, no one is mad at it. If you get a plant parent for secret Santa, a thoughtful gift can be new pots to expand their collection, succulents and cactuses (which are the easiest to take care of) or these merry message pops to spice up any plant. 


Gift for the sports fanatic


For the sports fanatic on your gifting list, there are millions of sports merchandise options out there. These tumblers are perfect for anyone on the go or cozy throw blankets to accompany them on chilly game days. No matter the sport or the team, the gifting options are endless.


Gifts for your favorite fashionista


When it comes to fashion-related gifts, it’s important to know what person you are gifting for likes to wear. If not, it’s a good chance you can find a good gift in the current trends. Right now, winter fashion trends include long wool scarves or fuzzy bucket hats.  Accessories such as those will keep your receiver stylish and warm this winter.


Gift for the person you don’t know anything about


When it comes to gifts for people that you’re not familiar with yet, the key is playing it safe. With that, there’s no shame in purchasing generic gifts. For this type of scenario, a gift card is highly recommended. If you want to be more heartfelt, a festive mug or a cute package of hot chocolate is an easy and thoughtful gift to top off the holiday season. 


Gift-giving certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s certainly not impossible. As a wise gifter once said, gift smarter, not harder.