The Exhausting Past Decade of Terrible Sports in New York


Mark Sanhez runs straight into the backside of his own offensive lineman forcing a fumble and the Patriots return it for a touchdown. This was one of the worst moments of recent New York sports, and this was truly the most embarrassing. Photo courtesy of Robert Sabo/ Creative Commons/ via

Joe Kaplan, Staff Writer

That was the last time the streamers filled the streets of New York. The last time a trophy was hoisted up in front of millions of fans. The last time a celebratory speech was made by either a player or coach. And most importantly, the last time a banner was raised in a stadium of a New York sports team.
 Ever since then, it’s been disastrous. 
“Some possible reasons why NY sports have been terrible recently could be coaching,” junior Gabby Palmero said. “They don’t pick the right players for their team during the draft, and their players don’t have chemistry on the court, field or rink.”
Football is a tragedy. Whenever a team sees New York on their schedule, they breathe a sigh of relief. The Giants haven’t won the Super Bowl since 2012, behind another miracle by likely Hall of Famer Eli Manning. Since then, it has gone downhill. 
The Jets, meanwhile, haven’t been in the Super Bowl since 1969; thank you Broadway Joe Namath! It’s become a yearly exercise to see if each new Jets team is worse than the last. There has been relatively little competition and rarely do we see a New York football team over .500. The results stem from terrible draft picks including Ereck Flowers and Calvin Pryor.  These busts have ruined these franchises immensely due to the terrible scouting from the General Manager and Personnel Department. New York will continue to be the clear embarrassment throughout the NFL. 
When asked what recent blunder came to mind about the terrible play of New York Football, junior Noah Levy wasn’t shy when referring to one that many Jets fans are embarrassed about. 
“One moment, I probably would say is the butt fumble, because that was the most popular, ‘this is New York Sports’ moment,”’ Levy said.
The Knicks might be the worst embarrassment towards the city of New York. Not only have they not won a championship since 1973, but their management and ownership has been a total disaster. Just recently, Madison Square Garden was electric with “sell the team” chants, while  owner James Dolan sat there and laughed. It seems as if the only thing that is great about the Knicks organization is Knicks legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s colorful jackets. 
The Rangers and Devils haven’t had terrific seasons throughout the previous decade. Yes, the Rangers made the Stanley Cup in 2014 but never really bounced back after their tough outing against the Kings. Will fans ever see one team that does well in Madison Square Garden? Only time will tell. On the flip side, one team to look forward to is the Islanders. They had a great run in last year’s playoffs, but unfortunately lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning. There is promise for New York/New Jersey hockey in the upcoming seasons, but as for now, hockey remains mediocre at best throughout the tristate area. 
New York baseball has had its ups and downs over the past decade. The Yankees always have high hopes every season, but fail to reach the World Series. Even after they make great signings like Giancarlo Stanton and Gerrit Cole, they still can’t find a way to get there. The Mets had a chance back in 2015, behind a fantastic performance from Daniel Murphy, remember him? But, the Mets couldn’t outlast the Royals and failed to make it to the postseason ever since. 
Junior Ryan Beauregard weighed in on the disappointments involving recent New York baseball. 
“It’s definitely a combination of both the ownership, the management and the coaching staff,” Beauregard said. “I think they need to put a little bit more thought into the free agents that they go after, and question, ‘Are these guys that we’re signing going to impact this season, or seasons to come?’”
Only time will tell when New York sports will crown another championship. But, as we have seen so far, poor management, failure to acquire free agents, lack of great coaches are what makes New York Sports an embarrassment amongst its many leagues.