No need to fret, here’s how to pick the perfect gift


Shruti Khandelwal, Managing Director

As the holiday season approaches, many of us will be exchanging gifts. These gifts often represent thoughtfulness, affection and gratefulness. Choosing the perfect gift does not come naturally to all, and that is okay. Do not fret, here is an all-in-one guide for you to follow as you begin to go holiday gift shopping.

It is important to remember that some people value gifts more than others and not every gift applies to everyone. Whether it is taking a friend or loved one on a lunch date, writing a well-thought out letter or purchasing an expensive watch, there is always a gift for everyone. Without further ado, let the first step to gift-giving officially be introduced.

Kickoff the process by getting a sense of which arena to step into: would the giftee appreciate an item that is handmade or store bought? Handmade gifts can show how much effort and precious time you are willing to put in for them, while store bought gifts can show how much of your hard earned money you are willing to set aside for them. 

“When I’m selecting a gift for someone, I’ll find what places they shop at most or things they are interested in,” senior Amanda Saba said.  “I also see if there is something they specifically need rather than want.” 

Keep in mind that the more personal the relationship between the gift giver and the giftee, the more thoughtful it should be. 

“I try seeing the gift from their eyes rather than my own to make sure they will enjoy it,” Saba said. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to give someone a more impersonal gift, coworkers for example, you may be better off purchasing general items such as chocolates, blankets or candles, coupled with a sweet and simple handwritten note.

To serve as some food for thought: you can kill two birds with one stone.

“I always try to support small businesses and creators,” English teacher Kelly Brock-Dohn said. “I like gifting art from Etsy or art from I also like knitting gifts since I think smaller, more thoughtful gifts bring a lot of joy.” 

Among Etsy and Society6, other places to find small businesses include ArtFire, Bonanza and Depop. Handmade gifts, whether they are made by you or another — are considered to be much more meaningful. Simple searches such as “DIY gifts for friends” on Pinterest can also provide inspiration if you are looking to get crafty with a gift. Additionally, searches like “gift baskets for him/her” can elicit a starting point.

Senior Ari’yanah Wheeler expresses the satisfaction she gets out of being successful in picking out a gift. 

“I love to give gifts, I like to see the smile on people’s faces when they open a gift they like,” Wheeler said. 

The holiday season is about spreading kindness and joy; it is about showing your loved ones how much you care for them. Generosity comes in many forms and creativity knows no limits, regardless of the size of your pockets.