How juniors this year have prepared for the SAT


Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Jordan Katz

What were your general strategies towards studying for the SAT?
Miles Roper: I took a practice tests once about every two weeks, used Khan Academy to help with math and used The Princeton Review to help with reading.
Anay Basu: I took some online classes from The Princeton Review and got some books for it. The most important thing to realize is that the SAT isn’t really that hard, it just has a lot of gimmicks.
Ben Krauss: I’ve found that the best way to practice for the SAT is to take a few practice tests and review any topics that I am uncomfortable with.
What advice would you give to students who have yet to take the SAT?
MR: Make sure you start to prepare early and take a practice test to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Also, be sure to schedule your tests so that you won’t have to take them again going into senior year.
AB: It’s important to work smart, not hard, when studying for the SAT. There’s a lot of tricks and strategies to exploit the test. 
BK: Everyone has different ways of studying, so you have to know which strategy suits you the best. SAT preparation classes help some people more than others, while tutoring may be more effective for different people. Understand what you’re getting into before signing up for any class, and make sure it fits your study method.