BTS comes to MetLife Stadium


Vivian Chiang

On May 18th and 19th, superstar boy band BTS performed at MetLife Stadium for their Speak Yourself world tour.
The shows sold out in mere hours, and their fans (called the ARMY) packed NJ Transit trains and highways. While fans waited for the concert to begin, the band’s music videos played on two massive jumbotrons, causing lots of singing along and cheering when different members appeared. As it grew closer to the start of the concert, the music got louder and an opening video played, highlighting the different members of the band in a model-like sequence.
Several of their stages came with wild set changes, including two giant panthers for their song Dionysus, a bouncy castle for their song Anpanman and a long series of spectacular fireworks for their ending numbers.
As well as singing their group songs together, the members of BTS each got their own solo performance, ranging from soulful R&B to upbeat pop and rap. Their medley of popular songs (namely Fire, Dope and Baepsae) received an enthusiastic reaction from fans and they could be heard singing along from blocks away. The two subunits in their group, the three members that rap and the four members that sing, split up for their songs as well — Outro: Tear and The Truth Untold, respectively.
As the show drew to a close, BTS invited their fans to take a picture with them to commemorate the night and each gave their closing comments. Many of the members expressed the wish that their fans will find stress relief from the concert and how much they appreciate and care for ARMYS. Their translator only needed to translate a few times, as the members spoke in well practiced English while talking to the fans.
The night ended with their song Mikrokosmos, dedicated to ARMY, and a magnificent display of fireworks before the members of BTS made their way off stage with a final goodbye and goodnight. For their fans, it was a night they’ll never forget.