SPFHS becomes influxxed with new teen "parents"


Kevin Eviner

In the past week, Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School seniors have been seen carrying around ten pound bags of flour dressed in baby clothes. For students unaware of what this is, for their health project, seniors have to care for a sack of flour as if it was a baby. This is to teach students the difficulties and responsibilities that come with  having a child.
In previous years, the project required seniors to carry around two liter bottles of soda but since then the school has transitioned to the bags of flour, presumably because the flour can be damaged more easily which makes students put more care into their “children”.
“I like how you can get experience in caring for a child,” senior Noah Costanzo said, “It feels very realistic with the responsibilities of caring for it and making sure you don’t leave it behind.”
The project also consists of creating a scrapbook documenting your time with your baby and answering questions about the difficulties of parenting. If the flour baby is broken or damaged in any way, the student fails the project and in turn fails the marking period because of how large of a grade it is.