Taylor Swift fans are anticipating 4.26


Abby Conklin

Beginning on April 13th, singer Taylor Swift started posting Instagram photos every day captioned with “4.26”. All of these photos contain only pastel colors, unlike the rest of her photos on her feed which were darker colors. Many fans are confused as to what she will be announcing on April 26th (4.26).
Because Swift has not given any information other than “4.26”, fans have began to create theories as to what she will announce. Many people believe that she will be dropping a new single or album. Some also think that she may post a music video to follow these “new songs”. Other hopeful fans are waiting for her to announce a tour with the new songs she will drop on the 26th.
To get fans even more excited for “4.26”, a new Taylor Swift filter was created on Instagram with the same pastel pink color scheme. This filter also has the name 4.26.
Although the singer has not officially announced a seventh album, fans noticed something special when Swift wrote an essay for Elle about the 30 things she learned going into age 30. For number 26 on her list, Swift talked about making countdowns for things that excite her. This is hinting to fans that something big and exciting will be dropping for the artist on the 26th day of April.
Fans can only hope for many different things, yet no one knows what the singer has in store. We can only wait until “4.26”.