Choir students think the “Mean Girls” musical is “so fetch”


Sophia Iacona

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, 75 choir students attended “Mean Girls” the Broadway musical at the August Wilson Theatre in New York City. The trip provided a fun bonding experience for students as well as an opportunity to see professional actors and actresses first-hand. The play is fairly new—first performed on Broadway in Oct. 2017—which made the trip even more exciting for the students, who were able to see a play that many have not seen yet. In addition, the play is based off the popular movie “‘Mean Girls,” so many students were already familiar with the storyline and were able to see how it was portrayed through song.
“I really loved seeing Mean Girls, especially because this past year the show was nominated for a Tony Award,” senior Rachella Carlino said. “The actors and actresses were phenomenal and we were all so impressed and excited to be able to be there.”
After the show, several students had the opportunity to take pictures with actor Michael Reid, who played Sinjin on the show “Victorious” and was also attending the musical.
Overall, the the field trip was a great experience for all choir students who attended and not allowed them to see a Tony award nominated cast, but also to enjoy time with classmates.