Q&A with Corinne Lyght: Sophomore selected for the United Soccer Coaches All American Team


Shruti Khandelwal

Congratulations to sophomore Corinne Lyght on being selected for the United Soccer Coaches All American Team! Lyght is one of the only four sophomores selected for this team. Along with soccer, Lyght also plays basketball and participates in track.
How long have you been playing soccer?
“I think I started playing soccer when I was five [years old].”
What made you want to start playing soccer?
“My mom played soccer, so it was just a sport that I knew so I just started playing it just because I knew my mom played […] competitively. She played in college and my aunt also played soccer.”
What is you favorite part about playing soccer?
“[My favorite part about playing soccer is] probably the competitiveness and the team environment especially with our high school team, we’re really close and it just makes playing a lot of fun.”
Why do you play soccer? What do you get out of it?
“I love competition and soccer is a really competitive sport so I enjoy that.”
Would you rather excel at a different sport?
“No. Definitely not.”
How do you feel about being selected for the United Soccer Coaches All American Team?
“It’s a huge honor it just shows me that all of my hard work is paying off and I’m being recognized and it’s really nice to be recognized from [not only] people in the state but also in the country.”
Did you know about this before you were selected for it? Is this something that you have aimed for?
“I didn’t really know about it before. I never really expected myself to ever be here so it’s just really cool to be here. It’s a surprise.”