Five songs you need for the perfect fall playlist


Vanessa Handy

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves change color and fall off trees, swaying in the crisp cool breeze. Fall is aesthetically pleasing by nature, and everyone needs a soundtrack for the season that fits the autumnal vibe. Here are five songs to add to your fall playlist this year:
1. “Vertigo” by Khalid
The second track off his new album “Suncity”, “Vertigo” is a great song for your fall playlist. It opens with an orchestra that later fades and gives way to Khalid’s crystal clear vocals. His mellow voice carries lyrics about reflection and growth; this song is sure to have you in your feelings.
2. “Death & Taxes” by Daniel Caesar
Daniel Caesar is a staple fall artist. Every song he has is a great choice for your fall playlist, but “Death & Taxes” truly stands out. The song comes from his 2015 album “Pilgrim’s Paradise”. This song stays true to Caesar’s typical falsetto vocals, but has a great guitar that livens up the sound.
3. “4EVER” by Clairo
Bedroom pop is a growing genre in teen culture these days and Claire Cotrill -better known as Clairo- is at the forefront of it. From her EP “diary 001”, “4EVER” pairs electronic beats with sweet sounding vocals from the artist. The song is speaks of love and growing up, perfect for the season.
4. “Everytime” by Boy Pablo
Boy Pablo has a knack for creating songs that will make you feel pleasantly nostalgic, “Everytime” is no exception. In this song from the album “Roy Pablo”, the Norwegian indie pop-rock singer tells the tale of a girl who falls in love with a boy that isn’t worth her time. With a twanging guitar melody, this song is will have you relaxed in no time.
5. “Beach Bummer” by No Vacation
From No Vacation’s album “Amo X”, “Beach Bummer” is quite the contradictory song. Aside from the title being a contradiction in itself, the backtrack and chorus are upbeat and sound reminiscent of the summer. However, the lyrics discuss longing for and missing something. This juxtaposition keeps the song in the fall mood, yet makes it great for singing along to.