Maintenance exterminates sewer flies in the boys locker room

Lenore Ferguson

Every student in the district knows Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School is an old school building. In fact, most know the school has had to address its fair share of problems in the past in order to maintain its good conditions.
From trash littering the girls locker room to the recent installment of new air conditioning in the older front part of the building, the building has had its share of renovations and makeovers after every situation.
Most recently, there was a problem with the boys locker room.
“The boys locker room had a major remodel a few short years ago,” Physical Education teacher Peter Kane said. Despite this, the boys locker room was hit with a new problem: sewer flies.
Although some students were aware of the situation, most did not know the cause of the problem. Nighttime custodian here at SPFHS, Cristina Compierchio, weighed in, explaining the sewer flies were caused from a pipe leaking beneath the locker room floors.
“It has to be fixed, which is a Maintenance Department  job,” Compierchio said.
Kane agreed.
“There was a problem and the appropriate professionals fixed it. Nobody contributed to the problem.”  
After hearing news of this fly problem, students might immediately jump to the conclusion that the school is dirty or needs to be cleaned more. However,  Compierchio reassured that this was no one’s fault.
“Nobody was a contributing factor. It’s just an accident that happened in [this] building,”  Compierchio said. “What I’m saying is maintenance does the best they can. They have 8 schools they have to take care of.”
Thanks to the wonderful staff, this problem was taken care of in a timely manner. The only thing students can do is hope for no more problems and be grateful for the staff who help make SPFHS better every day.