Clinician Aubrey Adams-McMillan works with choir students


Rob Fisher

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, Ms. Aubrey Adams-McMillan came from Salt Lake City, Utah to work with students in various choirs at Scotch Plains-Fanwood high School and give advice on both vocal technique and repertoire.
She started by working with the Chamber Choir on improving breathing technique and briefly working on one of their songs, Il Est Bel et Bon, which they will be performing on the annual music department trip in April and the spring concert in May.
Adams-McMillan then worked with Concert Choir on improving their song A Jubilant Song, which they will also be performing this spring. She also reiterated her advice on taking a better breath for the students who are not in Chamber Choir.
Following Concert Choir, Adams-McMillan worked with Select Choir on their songs Dear Sarah and Ritmo as well as suggesting ways of improving breath and posture to create an overall better sound. The Men’s Choir and Las Cantadoras also sat in on this part of the workshop to hear Adams-McMillan’s suggestions.
“I think in a way, music chose me as much as I chose it,” Adams-McMillan explained, when asked why she chose to study music and continue to the professional level.
The students enjoyed the session a lot and learned many valuable lessons they can use throughout the rest of their choral experience.