Spotlight on Cabaret Night


Melanie Litwin

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School’s talented choir students performed at the annual Cabaret Night, run by choral director Jan Allen. The evening featured a mix of soloists and group medlies by the various choirs.
Unlike the regular winter and spring concerts, Cabaret Night showcases songs exclusively from musicals or movies. It is also unique because many students receive the opportunity to perform full-length solos.
Some solo songs included sophomore Gabrielle Klausner’s humorous performance of “The Girl in 14G” from As I Am, and senior Abigail Flanagan’s powerful performance of “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” from Funny Girl. There was no shortage of talent across all grades.
“It’s inspiring to see my peers sing solos,” junior Jessica Yu, a singer from Las Cantadoras and Select Choir, said. “They’re all so talented and it’s wonderful to hear them sing.”
Amidst the solos, the student quartet, “Clean Shave,” made an appearance, singing “Swanee” from Demi-Tasse.
The concert featured not only solos, but also concert choir and the after-school choirs—including Las Cantadoras, Select Choir, Chamber Choir, Men’s Choir, and Sensations.
Several of the song selections delighted the audience members. Just one of the notably entertaining performances including “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan, sung by the Men’s Choir. Chamber Choir was also very impressive in their performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a challenging but very well done selection.
Junior Suzanne Jackson was among the students in the audience who came out to support their friends and enjoy the music.
“Cabaret night was an amazing experience,” Jackson said. “The final performance by the entire choir was great.”
The night started with Select Choir singing a medley from Jekyll and Hyde and ended with a Hamilton medley by concert choir. The entire night was filled with amazingly talented singing from the choir students of SPFHS.
Not only was Cabaret Night enjoyable, but it was for a charitable cause, as well. Half of the proceeds from the concert are being donated to the SPFHS chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
Be sure to attend some of the music department’s upcoming events, such as District Choral night on Wednesday March 28, and the repertory theater presenting “Once Upon a Mattress,” from March 9 through 17.