Drake’s “More Life” brings some fans disappointment


Giancarlo Castro

On March 18th Drake released his 11th studio album, More Life.
About a week after its release, many haven’t received the album well, calling him “soft.” Songs like ‘Passionfruit’ and ‘Blem.’ contribute to the overall Caribbean/reggae feel of the album. While some appreciate Drake’s venture into a new genre, many aren’t liking Drake’s new change in style.
The hype for More Life was major during the first hours of its release, people already creating memes about how good it was was. However, many students felt let down after they took time to actually listen to the album in full.
Some songs, such as ‘Portland’ and ‘Free Smoke’ have the same classic rap feel to them, which appealed to some fans. A bulk of the album included reggae rhythm and inspiration, showing, which disappointed many.
“His old music used to be better. It used to be more real,” said junior Jakob Robles. “He’s trying to conform to the music platform that we see today.”
Many attribute Drake’s lack in quality due to his breakup with superstar Rihanna. The two, who had been dating for the better part of 2016 broke things off for unknown reasons. Some fans believe that after their breakup, Drake has not been the same.
“Drake’s become a little softer ever since she left him,” sophomore Hailey Thompson said. “He hasn’t been himself. I think he’s just been in his feelings ever since.”
Many hope his next album includes more inspiration from his past work, as it was definitely more well received than his new approach to music.