Butcher Block Burgers allows for fine dining


Majeda Mohammed

In August 2016, Butcher Block Burgers opened up in downtown Westfield, offering locals the option of trading in fast food for gourmet burgers.
The burger prices vary across the menu depending on the cut of the meat and the ingredients used in the burger. In addition to beef, they have burgers made with shrimp, lamb, pork, turkey, and more.
The “Plain Jane”, priced at $11 and on the lower end of the price range, is an eight-ounce angus burger on a brioche bun, with the option to make it “deluxe” by paying another $1.50 for lettuce, tomato, onion and butcher mayo. On the higher end is the Westfield burger ($38), which consists of eight-ounce kobe burger, foie gras, parmesan, truffle mayo, onion marmalade all on a brioche bun.
Butcher Block Burgers offers a sophisticated taste that other fast-food restaurants simply cannot attain. The menu options cater to a variety of preferences and tastes. The portions are big, the atmosphere is classy (for a burger joint), and the food tastes great.
Most importantly, the fries are amazing. Everyone knows it’s really about the fries.