New Gym Policy

By Daniel McMillian
Gone are the days of choice but the new gym policy makes sense for athletes, guidance counselors and physical education takers. The new physical education policy created by administration addresses strength, scheduling and safety for the school.
All varsity athletes are enrolled in Advanced Weight Training (AWT) when they currently are playing for their team. Scotch Plains differs from neighboring Westfield where athletes are given a study hall in lieu of a gym class. The whole idea of AWT is to strengthen an athlete’s body and to keep them injury free during their specific season. The experience of AWT will allow athletes to be better prepped for college athletics if they choose so. Senior athlete Eli Silverstein said, “I like the new gym policy because it ensures I get AWT unlike last year.” Clearly, the purpose of AWT, strengthening athletes, is being demonstrated through this new gym policy.
From a safety standpoint, this new gym policy allows administrators to pinpoint a student’s location and what teacher they are with. In addition to locating students, gym classes group similar grades in normal gym classes which increases comfort level in physical education. For freshman this policy remains the same as in prior years where only other freshmen are in their class.
For freshman this policy is status quo but for sophomores this new change was unwelcomed. Sophomore John Fabricatore said, “You get more freedom when you pick classes and it makes gym more enjoyable.”
Although the new policy has its aforementioned detractors, having a set schedule for the whole year simplifies everything. Physical education teacher Robert Rafferty states, “Sophomores are upset, but overall it will work out and now we know what kids we have before the year has started.”  Students are assigned to physical education classes so parents and physical education teachers also have knowledge of students’ schedules.