DECA returns from State Career Development Conference with record amount of qualifiers

By: Caitlin Flood
DECA attended the New Jersey State Career Development Conference in Cherry Hill from March 13-15. Over 30 members attended after qualifying at the Regional Conference on Jan. 8. Nearly all of the members that competed moved on to the final rounds in their individual or group events and 16 members placed in the top three. The 16 qualifiers will move on to the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Though only 16 people qualified, several did so in multiple events. Senior Erik Tannenbaum qualified in the Community Service Project as well as first place in Business Financial Services. Seniors Caitlin Flood and Lucy Hollander took third place in both Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Event and the Learn and Earn Project. Hollander placed first in Hotel and Lodging Management. Seniors Yi Pu Lin and Nick Patel placed third in Financial Services Team Decision Making. Senior Liz Nardone placed third in Professional Selling. Freshman Max Mazursky placed third in Principles of Marketing. Senior Kelsey Ames placed second in Hotel and Lodging Management. Senior Amanda Mach placed third in Human Resource Management. Seniors Jasson Mazzetti and Monica Squeri placed first in Finance Operations Research Event. Seniors Alex Cimring and Jenny Lynch placed second in Creative Marketing Project. Juniors Auva Dariani and Rachel Lavelle qualified for their Chapter Awards Program paper. In addition to the success of the competitive members, Caitlin Flood and Lucy Hollander were awarded $1,000 scholarships from New Jersey DECA.
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