Eleanor and Park: a charming love story


Michelle Cagnassola

Eleanor and Park is the tale of two diverse teens falling in love. Eleanor never really fit in with the crowd, and being 16, her life isn’t easy. With the responsibility of taking care of her siblings and the pressures of living with an alcoholic father, her home life is a constant struggle. When Park makes an appearance at school one day by standing up for Eleanor, her life becomes a love story and takes an unusual turn. Eleanor quickly tries to push him out of her life, and Park is willing to risk his reputation and friendship in order to be with Eleanor. Throughout the creation of their friendship, Park slowly starts to fall in love, and Eleanor needs to find a secret way to find time for family and Park.
This is a great novel to purchase off the shelf and can be finished in a matter of days. The charming love story is perfect for any teenager or adult looking for a dramatic and promising romance. Rainbow Rowell has a knack for writing young adult fiction and this story of two unlike companions calls for an exciting story. The novel Eleanor and Park is similar to other classic love stories with a twist showing how if you love something you have to let it go.