Rereading Twilight: Chapters 13-15

Rereading Twilight: Chapters 13-15

Saleena Nival

Summary Chapters 13-15
Edward sparkles in Chapter 13, “Confessions.” Bella marvels nonstop about how beautiful he is. The two start doing things that are very inappropriate, like holding hands and hugging. Edward lies to Bella and tells her she doesn’t have to be afraid, and Bella lies to him and says she isn’t afraid. So, he becomes a raging lunatic in response and starts running around the meadow and uprooting innocent tree bystanders. Rude.
Edward apologizes for being crazy. Bella gets brutally rejected when she tries to go in for a kiss. Edward tries to explain how she is extra smelly (in a good way. Or bad way. It depends on who you are in this equation) to him, which makes it harder for him to control himself. He makes a bunch of food and drug analogies to try and help her understand. When she understands, she feels bad for him because she is making it harder for him to be around her. Sigh.

Well at least we all agree.

Edward takes Bella back to that first time they met and explains what ran through his mind. Multiple times, he emphasizes how much he wanted to kill her and how much he still wants to kill her, and Bella is all “Yay, love him!” Afterward they do more inappropriate things, like touching each other’s faces. Hopefully they washed their hands.
Finally, they decide to leave the meadow. Edward speeds through the forest vampire style and Bella nearly throws up because of it. Now she knows how I feel reading this book.
Edward kisses her, she turns into a sexual maniac and Edward puts her in check. They leave.
In Chapter 14, “Mind Over Matter,” Edward lets Bella know he has been breaking and entering her home and watching her sleep without her permission for the past few months, and Bella is flattered. Man, I want that.
Charlie comes home, and Bella goes upstairs to lie in bed with Edward, another great lesson for the little girls out there. They talk about a lot of uninteresting things, like how Bella talks in her sleep, and then Bella goes to sleep. This is the first time Edward watches her sleep with her permission.
Bella meets the Cullens in Chapter 15, creatively named “The Cullens.” Edward is there in the morning, and Bella is ecstatic; she tells him she loves him, and he doesn’t say it back. Ouch.
Pink: “spied?” No, honey, he stalked you. He probably hid behind a bush and wore a ski mask. Shady, not cute. Purple: Wow, why am I not surprised?

They go to Edward’s home and he introduces her to his “parents” Carlisle and Esme, and his “brother and sister” Alice and Jasper. Rosalie and Emmett are not present because Rosalie is jealous of Bella, because who wouldn’t be jealous of the dullest person on earth. (Though, admittedly, Rosalie’s reason is understandable; she is jealous simply because Bella is human, which is probably the most interesting thing about her, so I get it.)
Edward relaxes around his family and shows Bella his awesome piano skills. He gives her a tour of the house and a brief history of Carlisle. Thankfully, the chapter ended.
I’ve gotten to the point (of no return) when everything Bella says, thinks, or mumbles makes my eyes narrow and fills my heart with sorrow. Even simple phrases, such as “Edward in the sunlight was shocking,” ignites a blaze of hatred for the girl; at this point, I don’t blame Bella. I blame Stephenie Meyer for making her this way.
Take note: all you need is a hot guy for a young adult series to be successful. That is what I’ve learned from Meyer. The protagonist does not need to be likeable. She doesn’t even need to have a brain. She could just be like Bella, completely and irrevocably in love with a hot guy she barely knows and doesn’t even try to know.
Black-Wood-Floor-Wallpaper-BackgroundfffSeriously, Meyer? All the questions Bella asks Edward are about him being a vampire. In Chapter 14, she says “I want to get to know you better,” and then proceeds to ask him questions about vampires. Really, Bella? Really? Is that all Edward is? Obviously, you are a dirty liar because you don’t want or don’t try to get to know him past the fangs. I understand curiosity about vampires, but man. At least try to make an effort to know him!
Also, Meyer really needs to stop with these descriptions of Edward. Every two sentences, Bella drools over how perfect he is. If we didn’t get it the first hundred trillion times she explains how perfect Edward is, we definitely get it now. We even understand how he smells and feels and blinks and breathes. I don’t think we can understand more than we already do thanks to the never ending mentions of his beauty. Every time Bella describes his “hidden facets” and “lovely eyes” and “more beautiful than any human voice,” I want to projectile vomit. If I had to eat a carrot after every time Bella drools over Edward, I’d be orange after one page. It needs to stop.
In Chapter 13, an extremely long and torturous chapter, I had to stop reading multiple times because I felt so nauseous. This is no hyperbole. I am dead serious.  
Of course, Bella loves being stalked by Edward because Bella doesn’t care about her well-being at all. At this point, it has gone beyond stalking. He is breaking and entering into her room every night to watch her sleep without her permission. That is beyond creepy; there are murderers who do not do that. What is wrong with him? Did he think, “Yeah this is a good idea! It’s not weird at all!” I understand his being a vampire makes him unaware of
Edward is over one hundred years older than Bella. He says, “class full of children,” so even he recognizes the age difference. He views Bella’s peers, who are the same age as her, as children, yet he is okay with dating “a child.” Gross.

some human cultural differences, however I believe it is universally messed up to watch people sleep without their permission. I’m sure he wouldn’t like someone watching him if he were able to sleep.
Something else that is extremely annoying is how Bella speaks. Edward speaks as he should; he is a hundred year old vampire and has the diction of
an old-timer, since he is one–I don’t think I have enough space to even get to this fact. However, Bella shares his diction; if anything, the words she
uses are more impressive than Edward’s. This makes no sense. Sure, she likes reading classics, but no way does a teenage girl say stuff like “his jaw clenched in acute restraint” and “carefully cultivated facade” and “his marble brow puckered.” It is becoming unbearably painful.

Honestly, I like the Cullens. I like how Edward is around them, and I like their interactions; they seem like a normal family. The last chapter was one of the better chapters I’ve read.
This challenge is becoming very difficult. Wish me luck for the next three chapters.